Programs Fitness for Everyone

Cardio Equipment

The use of cardiovascular workout equipment is a safe and efficient way to increase target heart reate while achieving weight loss and improving overall well-being.

Weight Lifting Equipment

weight equipmentStrenght training as a part of an exercise program provides benefits in fitness, health, body image, self-esteem, injury recovery and functionality through aging.

Cross Training

THESE WORKOUTS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE, however, a certified personal trainer will safely guide you through a timed high-intensity interval routine.

Boxing Fitness

boxingBoxing fitness is an excellent way to get a greate cardiovascular workout and improve your endurance with our calorie burning “Power Hour” routine that promotes peak physical fitness. A certified Boxing Fitness Trainer will guide you through a fun and safe contact free routine.

Seasonal Boot & Prep Camps

Boot Camp workout offer an intense mix of strength training & aerobic elements that focus on full body routines for those who have limited schedules and can only attend sessions 1-2 times a week.

Prep Camps offer high school athlete the opportunity to focus on strength, conditioning, agility and endurance with sport specific training programs during the off-season.

Personal Training

personal training
Are you tired of the impersonal gym experience? How about wanting a friendly and knowledgeable trainer to work with you in achieving your fitness goals? Personal training is just that, PERSONAL. A personal trainer will develop a program that is specific to your fitness and weight loss goals. Each personal training session is limited to 4 clients at a time, which will allow your personal trainer to safely monitor your movements and exercise form.