Client Testimonials


Brittani Andrade

Britney Andrade

“I’ve been training with Armando since June of 2014.. When I first started training I had been attending another gym on my own and couldn’t get myself to lose more than 2-3lbs. A couple of weeks of working with Armando, I had lost close to 8lbs and had seen a great change in my body as well as in my confidence. Not only has he motivated me to workout, but to improve my eating habits and overall live a healthier lifestyle.” Brittani Andrade

Lauren Ramirez

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“Spectrum Fitness has made me a new and better person. Belle is my inspiration. I am so grateful for her motivation. I wouldn’t be able to get fit without her. Spectrum Fitness has helped me reach my goals!” Lauren Ramirez


Melissa Chavez





“I started training with Rafael in September 2014 with the intent to lose weight and get in shape. I have always enjoyed Zumba, however I hit a plateau and new it was time for a change. After only 4 months of personal training with Rafael I lost 18 pounds and won the 90 day weight loss challenge. Because of this amazing experience, I have now decided to challenge myself further by training for my first half marathon in February 2015! I feel incredible. The energy and motivation Rafael brings each session has made exercise fun! The gym staff and my workout group is what continues to encourage me day after day.  I am now attempting and accomplishing goals I never thought possible! It’s such a positive place to be and it’s always a blast working out! I highly recommend it for all fitness levels.” Melissa Chavez