Leticia Diaz

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My Philosophy

“Good nutrition is a vital key to physical development, sports performance and one of your best tools to achieve your fitness goals. Motivation gets you started, healthy habits keep you going”

About Me

I believe nutrition is the foundation for an optimal quality of life. Any goal obtained, whether financial, social and personal or spiritual can only be truly enjoyed if there is good health. For this reason, it’s important for me as a nutritionist to assist clients to build a solid diet foundation and provide them with the best direction towards a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to build muscle, interested in weight loss, treating a health condition or considering to improve your eating habits I can help you design a personalized nutritional guidance and work with your unique needs to help you meet your goals. I truly enjoy motivating my clients by exploring their nutrition concerns, helping them identify obstacles and barriers for making progress and implementing good nutrition by creating constructive habits, not restrictions.


  • Weight Management
  • Supplementation
  • Nutrition Assistance
  • Juicing/Detox/Energize


  • Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Human Nutrition and Dietetic Science from New Mexico State University
  • Nutritionist