Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a multi-generational injury safe environment that promotes preventative health. Promptness and individualized attention to client’s needs is our priority.


Spectrum Fitness Center is owned and operated by physical therapists and personal trainers that bridge the gap between rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness. Consultation of goals, previous injuries, indications/contraindications for disease processes as it relates to exercise is our greatest asset to your fitness needs.

The convenience of a fitness center within a physical therapy clinic bridges the gap between rehabilitation and fitness which will optimize results, safety, and effectiveness.


Spectrum Fitness is an investment in your health and in your life. Your income spent on fitness will generate a return on your investment by making you healthy. Consequently, less doctor visits, less money on prescription drugs, less money on diagnostic testing, and less time off from work to make it to those appointments. A greater sense of well-being, energy, and mental outlook on life is the greatest pursuit of happiness.

*Please note that the fitness center does not require a prescription and is not covered by Medicare and most health insurances. A medical screen will be performed that may warrant physician medical clearance for exercise program.